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A Champion For Victims Of Medical Malpractice

Each year, millions of Americans trust medical staff across the country to care for them. As in any profession, medical staff can make mistakes. However, mistakes in the health care field can have irreparable consequences. Filing a lawsuit may be necessary to recover what you have lost. No matter the type of injuries you suffered, it is important to hold medical professionals accountable and prevent them from causing injury to future patients. If you have questions about medical malpractice, turn to Sutten Law Group, LLC, to get the answers you need.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

To have a valid claim against a physician, nurse, surgeon or another medical professional, you must prove that:

  • You were under the care of the medical professional
  • The medical professional acted negligently or recklessly
  • The services you received fell below the standard of care
  • You suffered an injury or loss due to their negligence

Hiring a medical malpractice attorney to prove these elements can be essential. We can help you establish liability and determine who is responsible. In some cases, physicians are independent contractors, and you may be covered under their insurance. You may also be able to hold the medical facility accountable if the medical professional was an employee.

Types Of Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence can present itself in many different forms. Our firm has handled cases involving:

  • Medication errors
  • Prescription errors
  • Missed diagnoses or misdiagnoses
  • Negligence
  • Birth injuries
  • Surgical errors

Under New Mexico law, you may have to provide notice to the at-fault party within 90 days of learning of the alleged malpractice and two or three years to file a medical malpractice claim depending on the at-fault party.  However, it can be difficult to know when the clock starts ticking. You may not realize that you have been injured until months or even years after the negligence occurred. We will evaluate your case and determine if you are within the statute of limitations, and we can bring a claim.

Speak With A Lawyer Who Fights Back On Behalf Of Patients

At the Sutten Law Group, LLC, we take medical malpractice cases personally. We should be able to trust our doctors, nurses and surgeons. When they violate that trust, action must be taken. To learn your options as a malpractice victim, call (505) 990-RICK (7425) or request a free appointment online at our Albuquerque office. You can count on receiving the personalized attention and care you deserve from every member of our team. We will help you take the first steps and see it through to the end.