When brain injuries lead to personality changes

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Collisions

When someone suffers a significant brain injury, perhaps in a car accident or some other such event, there are clear physical dangers. These must be responded to as quickly as possible by a medical team.

For example, bleeding on the brain can be fatal if it’s not treated. This is known as a subdural hematoma. It may not be a visible injury to the person, but it can lead to neuronal cell death. Anyone who loses consciousness needs medical attention to determine the extent of the brain injury and the type of treatment necessary.

It’s also important to remember you’re not just considering the physical side of the injury. In many cases, even those who live through a brain injury will undergo significant personality changes after the fact. Such changes can alter their life in many ways. Given brain cells generally don’t regenerate, these changes can be permanent.

Your career prospects

For instance, perhaps your career is one in which you need to be friendly and personable at all times. You may have been that way before the injury, but the brain injury could have made you more irritable and difficult to get along with others. This change may harm your career and even make it impossible to work in your chosen field.

Some careers may require you to think quickly and accurately under stress. You could do it before, but now you find yourself struggling to find the right words, do math in your head or simply figure things out as quickly and effortlessly as you once did.

Your relationships

In some cases, the spouses of brain injury victims will say these personality changes have made their marital relationship difficult. They may have a hard time getting along or they may feel like their spouse is an entirely different person than they were before they suffered the injury. There have been cases in which a brain injury eventually led to divorce.

What can you do?

Both of these examples show you just how drastically an injury can alter the course of your life, even after physical healing has occurred. This can detract from your quality of life; it can lower your potential earnings and it can cost a lot to get the medical treatment you need. Make sure you are always well aware of your legal options to seek compensation.