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Should your doctor have listened longer?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

You are having some health concerns, so you go to the doctor. They quickly decide what they think is going on and set you up on a treatment plan. It turns out later that the treatment plan was incorrect, and your condition gets worse. Perhaps it even becomes terminal when it used to be a condition that could have been treated.

You feel like the doctor made an obvious error, but you are not sure why they did so. One reason could be that they didn’t even listen to you from the very moment that you walked into the office.

How long did they listen?

The problem lies in the fact that doctors are known for not listening to their patients for very long. One study looked at how quickly a doctor would interrupt a patient who was trying to explain their health conditions. They found cases where some doctors would interrupt after only three seconds. There were longer cases, as well, but the median was still just a mere 11 seconds.

How much can you really say in 11 seconds? Can you say anything at all in three seconds? You can see how having a doctor who quickly interrupts you and refuses to listen may result in mistakes and inappropriate care. Would they have done a better job if they would have just listened for longer and learned more about the help that you need it?

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