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How can I preserve my rights after a motorcycle crash?

Motorcycle crashes happen for a variety of reasons. In many cases, due to their relatively small size other drivers simply do not see motorcycles or misjudge their speed. The Insurance Information Institute reports these are some of the most common cause of motorcycle crashes. The inability of other drivers to properly see the motorcycle can lead to a car or truck pulling out in front of the motorcycle leaving the motorcycle rider with little or no time for evasive action.

Motorcycle crashes can result in serious and even fatal injuries.

So, what can a motorcycle rider or their loved ones do after this type of crash? When the crash was the fault of another driver, shouldn’t the other driver cover the cost of the injuries? In many cases, the answer to this question is yes, but it can be difficult to ensure the other driver or their insurance carrier covers these expenses. Taking the following three steps will help increase recovery of expenses and other damages stemming from a motorcycle crash:

No. 1: Gather evidence.

It helps to have evidence to show the other driver was responsible for the crash. If possible, obtaining the names and contact information for witnesses can be useful. Further, obtaining a copy of any police report can be helpful.

No. 2: Get help.

You do not have to go through this alone. The legal complexities of motorcycle crash claims can be challenging, so why not hand that part off to a professional? Doing so allows you to focus on healing while your attorney focuses on preserving your rights and getting you the compensation you deserve. You may be entitled to compensation for special damages (cost of ambulance, hospital, medical treatment, physical therapy, lost income, etc.) and general damages (pain and suffering; loss of enjoyment of life; the nature, extent, and duration of injuries; etc.).

No. 3: Keep the timeline in mind.

Unfortunately, there is a time limit for you to bring claims stemming from a motorcycle crash. Each state has a statute of limitations, or time limit, for when an injured person can bring a personal injury case. In most cases, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in New Mexico is three years. If you miss this deadline, you could lose the chance to hold the other driver or their insurance company financially responsible for the crash. Keep this in mind so that you do not lose valuable rights.