Who is negligent in a large truck wreck? The answer varies.

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Truck Accidents

A large truck crossed the center line and headed straight in your vehicle’s direction. You attempted to avoid a collision, but the truck still clipped your car, causing it to rollover. Your car ended up crashing in the ditch, leaving you trapped inside, unable to get out, and fearful for your life.

You were one of the lucky ones to survive an accident with a large truck. However, you may have a long road to recovery ahead of you. Surgery and long hours of physical rehabilitation can prove costly, and so can be left unable to work and provide for your family. If the negligence of another contributed to your collision, you should speak to a lawyer about potential compensation.

Driver fatigue, poor maintenance

Throughout the U.S., the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (“NHTSA”) reported that nearly 151,000 people were injured and close to 5,000 died in large truck accidents in 2018.

During that same time, New Mexico recorded 68 fatal accidents that involved large trucks, according to NHTSA. The number of truck wrecks accounted for more than 13% of the 520 fatal motor vehicle accidents in the state that year. And in those 68 truck-related accidents, the same number of people died.

A number of parties may be negligent in any large truck accident case:

  • The truck driver: Fatigue, inexperience, and substance abuse play potential factors.
  • The trucking company/employer: Poor hiring, lack of training, and irresponsibility can lead to an accident.
  • The maintenance provider: Mechanics should know what they are doing and not take short cuts. Sometimes, shoddy work can lead to tragedy.
  • The truck manufacturer: Defective parts supplied by manufacturers can cause irreparable harm in the lives of many.
  • The freight company that loaded the truck: Cargo can shift inside of a truck. If not properly loaded and secured, the cargo can cause a truck to overturn.

In your case, it may be that the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol. Regardless, you may now face life challenges caused by a completely avoidable situation. While you are lucky to survive a crash with a large truck, it is important that you move forward and hold the negligent parties responsible.