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How can a severe brain injury impact me?

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Injuries

After suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), it is normal to experience symptoms in the aftermath. TBIs affect people on a physical, mental and emotional level. Not only that, but the affects can change over time as your injury heals. 

So what should you know about the particular impacts a TBI can have? How long do those impacts last and what can affect their severity? 

How long is the recovery?

Mayo Clinic examines the impact of a traumatic brain injury. First, the severity and duration of the effects depends on the injury itself. Its location and how bad the initial impact was both set the stage for your recovery. Some people can recover from a TBI in weeks or months. For others, it takes years. Many suffer with lifelong affects that never fully go away. 

Mental, physical and emotional effects

In terms of emotional health, it is common for TBI victims to suffer from extreme confusion, agitation, aggression and depression. This is a result of brain trauma or damage and your inability to cope with or process it in a healthy way. Therapy can help. 

Mentally, the biggest issue TBI victims have involve memory loss, damage, degradation and dysfunction. You may struggle to recall things in both the short and long term. Amnesia surrounding the initial incident is not uncommon. This can greatly impact your ability to function in society and can contribute to your emotional state failing. 

Physically, TBI sufferers often experience constant and excruciating pain. Headaches are common but not the only issue. You can also suffer from nerve pain and damage, creating pressure in the neck and skull. Tweaked nerves can result in shooting pain, numbness, tingling and more.