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The three categories of concussion symptoms

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2020 | Personal Injury

Arizona residents like you may end up getting a head injury. The chance of suffering from a concussion is fairly high. Concussions are often underestimated outside of the medical world. The most severe of concussions can cause life-long damage. 

It is thus important to know the symptoms of severe concussions. This may help you understand how concussions work. It also helps you decide when it is time to seek medical attention. 

Severe concussive symptoms in patients 

Mayo Clinic examines the symptoms that concussion sufferers may face. You can divide these symptoms into three main categories. These are physical, emotional and mental symptoms. 

The most prominent of the three are physical symptoms. These are often noticed first. For example, leaking fluid from the ear or unconsciousness are physical symptoms. If you experience the sensory disorder, this is also a physical symptom. For example, you may experience ringing in the ears. You might not taste or smell things in a proper way. You will likely experience some form of head or neck pain. Some people also feel extreme pain in their eyes. 

Emotional and behavioral symptoms tie together. This includes feeling increased agitation and irritation. You may snap at people around you. You might not have control over your mood. It could swing a lot. You may also suffer from impulsiveness. This is often increased by mental symptoms. 

Memory loss in concussion victims 

The most common mental symptoms are confusion and memory loss. These work in tandem with your agitation and make you get irritated even faster. Memory loss often involves the accident itself. Short-term memory loss is also common, though this does not often last long. When experiencing these symptoms, it is important to seek medical attention.