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Stress, running late and erratic driving

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2020 | Personal Injury

Erratic driving occurs for many reasons, from intoxication to carelessness and distractions such as phone use. However, many drivers behave erratically behind the wheel because they are under high levels of stress. Many people exhibit dangerous behavior on the road because they are running late, whether they have to get to work on time or they have an important meeting. However, this is no excuse for speeding, ignoring traffic signs and running through red lights. This behavior poses a serious risk to the safety of others on the road and reckless drivers who cause accidents cannot get away with their actions. 

If you find yourself short on time, it is imperative to focus on driving safely and following all traffic safety laws. Not only does erratic driving endanger the lives of others, but reckless drivers often find themselves hurt in crashes as well. If a driver was in a rush when they hit you, this is often difficult to determine. However, these accidents require careful analysis and you need to investigate all factors that led to the wreck. 

Our law office knows how tough life is for those injured in crashes that occur as a result of erratic driving. When drivers are in a rush, they are more likely to collide with other vehicles head-on and high speeds are often involved. Unfortunately, when a vehicle is traveling too fast, the consequences are often more devastating and many lives are claimed as a result of this behavior. Please visit our accidents page to find more information on taking action after a car crash.