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Not all construction worksite dangers come from the job itself

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Injuries

There’s a very good reason why construction employers require drug testing before hiring employees in New Mexico. When you or other workers use substances, they dull your abilities and can make you a potential hazard on the work site. Unfortunately, there are situations where workers still come to work under the influence, and with the state of the opioid crisis, it is becoming a huge safety issue.

Forbes explains that there is a major opioid crisis within the construction industry, but nobody is talking about it or doing anything to fix it. This is concerning because it puts every on the job at risk even if they are not using.

The nature of the job

It may be more likely for construction workers to abuse opioids than workers in other industries because of the extreme physical nature of the job. Many workers have injuries that come with intense pain. In the past, they may have used prescription opioids and, like many others, became addicted.

In addition, the majority of construction workers are male. Males are more likely to become addicted to opioids, so this strike two for the industry helps make it a hotbed for the opioid crisis.

Overlooking issues for profit

One of the reasons why the industry may not be willing to take a harsher stance against opioid use by workers is because it is experiencing issues finding enough workers. When a company cannot fill out a crew, they cannot complete jobs on time and the overall work quality suffers. Therefore, many companies overlook drug issues because it allows them to fill open positions.

The invasion of opioids into the construction industry is a serious matter that requires more focus from insiders. It takes the industry as a whole to battle this issue, and without cooperation from all sides, it is not going away any time soon. Even for workers not using drugs, opioid abuse puts them in serious danger as they become responsible not only for regular safety hazards but also for watching out for co-workers who may put them at risk for injury.