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Signs a dog is about to attack

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Dog Bites

For many people in New Mexico, dogs are considered their best friend. While animals can provide comfort, companionship and security to many people, the truth is that there are still animals and have instincts that cannot be trained out of them. When a dog attacks, the result can be serious injury and even death in some situations. Some of these attacks can be avoided if people know how to tell if a dog is angry.

According to the Wall Street Journal, dogs may give mouth signals when they are about to attack. They will slowly lift their lips to show their teeth. A dog’s tongue is usually flat but is there are curves on the sides it shows that the dog is tense and nervous and may be ready to bite.

Common signs of a dog attack are growling, barking or a dog with ears that prick up suddenly. Some dogs will cower when they are stress while others will salivate. A wagging tail does not necessarily mean the dog is happy to see someone, they can also wag their tails when they are over-aroused or upset. A dog may also begin yawning, staring or tensing up and turning its head away if a person gets too close. suggest that dogs who are about to attack may seem as if they are stalking a person. Their head will be low with a stiff body and an intense stare. While dogs may have this posture when they are playing, their body language will relax, or they will bow if they are being playful.

If a male dog is trying to get to a female dog that is in heat and someone gets in the way, the dog may become aggressive. Dogs are also aggressive when they do not know the person coming to their home or when their owner is not present, and someone enters their house.

No matter how friendly a dog normally is, visitors should ask for permission to approach the pet before doing so. If a dog is loose and charges someone and injures them, they may have a case for personal injury.