Drivers can take steps to avoid some accidents

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | Personal Injury

Traffic accidents are not uncommon on roads in New Mexico and throughout the country. However, there are things that drivers can do to lower their chances of being in a crash. One strategy is to never drive while drunk or impaired on any other controlled substance. According to the CDC, 31% of fatal accidents in 2013 occurred because of an impaired driver. It is also never a good idea to drive while tired or distracted.

Those who are tired while behind the wheel may process information slower and fail to react to changing road conditions. The same may be true of those who are focused on their phones or other passengers while driving. Drivers should pay attention to other vehicles at all times, and other drivers should clearly see their vehicles as well. This means making sure that headlights are working properly, and they are running at all times.

Drivers and passengers should be sure to wear their seat belts at all times as they can save lives or reduce the chances of a severe injury. Finally, drivers should follow traffic laws and obey traffic control lights at all times. Most accidents take place because an individual is acting in a negligent manner while behind the wheel. Tired, distracted and impaired driving are typically considered examples of negligence.

Individuals who are hurt in a car crash may want to hire an attorney to assist with their personal injury cases. This may make it easier to obtain witness statements or other evidence that could prove negligence occurred. It may also make it easier for an injured victim to determine whether a settlement offer is worth taking. If a settlement offer is declined, an accident case may be settled before a judge.